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LQQKING for You !!!!!!

GLORIA (aka Pumpkin) Aluviesetti born
and raised in Redwood City, CA 
born abt 1957/58.  She is my cousin. 
Please see the bottom of the page
for her photo,  she is a little younger than 
now, but she has always kept the same features.
Her half sister is Claudine Acorn.   

CLAUDINE (aka Jimmie) ACORN - graduated 
from Hoover School 1969 and Sequoia High 
in 1973 in Redwood City, CA.  She is 
my cousin by marriage.

DIANNA ALCOTT - lived in Redwood City, CA 
and graduated from Hoover Jr. High in 1969.  
Last known living in San Jose CA in 1972, 
she went to her Junior Prom with a guy named 
Joe, she graduated in the year 1973.  She
 had 2 younger sisters,  
I believe her youngest sister was named Wanda Smith, she 
was only abt 2 or 3 years old in 1969  and was her half sister.
Dianna also had a baby brother,  but in 1969 he was in a playpen so 
he must of been just a baby.

MARGIE DWYER - Went to Sequoia High in 
Redwood City, CA in the 1970's she has 
a brother named Carl Dwyer too he 
graduated in 1971 from Sequoia High, Redwood City CA.

I am trying to find TOMI KAREN BEAN. 
Her mother was Beverly BUNDE, she had a brother named David BUNDE.   
Beverly married Tom BEAN and had 5 children.... 
They lived in the Milpitas/San Jose area the last I had seen Tomi K.
Gail Lynn Bean (1951) 
Linda Susan Bean (1953)
Tommi Karen Bean (1955)  ****  Anyone out there know of her ??
George T Bean (1956) 
David W Bean (1957) 

Anyone out there know what ever happened to
Steve Cole, Austin Gibson, Kennette Todd/Widmont, 
John Masterson, Keith Keen, Judy Williams, Gloria Kowalski (found), Kipi Lanning,
Jeff Aubert, Ron and Cindy Cecil, Gary Drew, Charlie Brummett, Jamie Harders
Debra Wilson, Austin Gibson, "Oates" , Renee Colgate, Dave Hubbard, Terry Stock, 
Jesse Stogden,  and many many more .... All from Redwood City, CA
Alot of these lived in the Redwood Village in Redwood City and 
went to Hoover Junior High ...

If you know any of the above 
please tell them that I am 
trying to locate them...... 
They would know me as Terri Durham

Thank you,  Terri  

Check out the photo's of my missing friends and my other links.

Photo's of my missing friends
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Gloria (aka as Pumpkin) Aluvesetti. If you have seen her or know where she is at, Please tell her to contact me ASAP.

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